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Linux is an alternative operating system that can be used in place of Windows. This OS is actually very simple to learn and operate; you do not have to be a techie to utilize this system. Although Linux is a very user-friendly system, using it depends upon your daily activities and what you primarily use your computer for. Linux or Windows? Which one should you get? This article will help you make this decision in a logical decisive manner.

People that use software on a daily basis will definitely have no problem with Linux; however, regular people that are used to Windows might have some problems. It is not as simple as Windows in regard to the learning curve, mostly because it was made by programmers for programmers. This is not to say that Windows users do not like technology. It is just that they can use the technology in a far different and much more simpler way. Different editions of Linux exist on the web, and new versions come out quite regularly. Windows can be installed by clicking a few icons whereas Linux is a little more help getting started. We also recommend doing some research on Linux yourself to make sure this is what you want. Learning how to use Linux is definitely possible for anyone but it will take some time to get used to it.

When it comes to finding help when you need it, some users may find Windows is more reliable. Any computer with Windows installed on it that is a legal copy has access to the help provided by Microsoft.

Telephone support, as well as e-mail and chat rooms are available to owners of Windows. Microsoft is, after all, one of the largest companies in the world. On the other hand, Linux is not a large corporation, and any support issues that you may have must be answered by support forums online. Both Windows and Linux provide some form of support, but you will always be able to find it for Windows with less effort and with greater speed.

A primary benefit of Linux is that you are able to both install it and run it on old computers. This makes it very unusual as far as operating systems go. It is a well known fact that computers become obsolete after just a few years and this is definitely true for any computer that runs on Windows or Macintosh systems. For example, because Windows has such high memory requirements, if you try to install it on a computer that Chrome Hearts Hong Kong is five years old, it will overload the system. Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, however, one of the Linux operating systems, only ask for 64 MB RAM and 300mHz which is very tiny by today’s standards. So you are able to unearth an old computer or buy one for a few dollars, download Linux and have everything up and running without any real problems.

Linux is a great operating system, though it may not be for everyone that uses a computer. If you want to simply unpack a computer and start using it with as few issues as possible, you are probably better off sticking with Windows. Linux offers you an alternative. It just depends how adventurous you are and how much of a techie you want to be.