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When you are like most people who go to the gym and who get regular exercise, you probably want six pack abs.

There aren’t very many people who actually have perfectly defined abs but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to go after it as a goal. Unless you are born blessed with good genetics this is a goal that requires you to dedicate yourself to it. If you want to find out how to get six pack abs–no matter where you are starting out–keep reading this article.

There is only one piece of equipment that is required for getting six pack abs when you go to the gym or a fitness center. This equipment is called the Captain’s Chair and it is in just about every gym out there. There are quite a few great exercises that are possible to do with this machine and the best of them is the very simple leg raise. Standing on the chair, get a good grip with the handholds for balance and stability. Press your back to the pad, lift your knees to your chest and then lower them back down. Every movement needs to be controlled and slow and resist the urge to help yourself get momentum by swinging your legs.

Starting slowly, work up to a dozen reps of three when you do this exercise. Captain’s Chairs are fantastic for helping people build stronger abs which means that you truly need to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

There is probably more hype surrounding abs workouts than exercises for any other body part. Countless abdominal machines are sold every year over the Internet, and on television, in large quantities. You actually find new ones each and every week, claiming to be the best ab machine on the market. There is really no way to get six pack abs very quickly, though many machines claim to see the miraculous for you with little effort. You can use machines, or Chrome Hearts Bags not – it is up to you. Machines are not going to replace hard work. No machine will ever do that for you. This attitude only leave you wanting, and wasting your hard-earned money.

There are plenty of supplements on the market that will promise you six pack abs and a few of them actually work. Protein supplements are some of the most basic and helpful supplements that you can take.

Some of the best sources of protein are yogurt, milk, lean meats, eggs and salmon. To get even more protein, consider taking whey protein supplements. If dairy proteins hurt you more than they help you, try hemp protein or other plant based proteins. Not only that but both whey and hemp are fantastic sources of amino acids that are required for the building of muscles.

You might feel like six pack abs are too large a goal but there isn’t any mystery about how to get to where you want to go. What you have to do is regularly follow your diet and workout plan until you get to where you want to go. It probably seems unachievable right now but all that matters is your developing new and healthier habits. Once you’ve managed to put together a workable habit, it integrates itself into your life and eventually you don’t feel like it’s work anymore, it’s just how things are. You build your six pack abs the exact same way you would build anything else–you take things a single step at a time.