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Compared to the computers that were selling only a few years ago, whether you use a Windows or Mac OS, you have a much more powerful and faster computer today. Each system offers different features, so you need to examine both operating system to see which one best fits your needs. What follows is a comparison that can help you decide whether a Mac or Windows-based system is best for you.

You shouldn’t choose windows, if you are really worried about security. Windows users are the biggest recipient of computer viruses, and that is well-known. For some reason, users of a Mac are less likely to get a virus, but mainly the majority of people are using Windows. Spyware and malware have the same type of results. This also means that if you do get a Windows OS, you will have to spend time and money on anti-virus software and make sure that it’s always updated. The threats will be much fewer when you have a Mac, but it is still wise to take precautions. Lots of security issues happen, because of your own actions, so watch out for scam artists and hackers, and keep your personal information protected. So you have to use common sense no matter what kind of computer you’re using.

If you follow what happens in technical news, you have probably started to hear things about the next major upgrade to the Windows OS: Windows 8. For some people this is going to be a major blip in the entire Windows Vs. Mac debate because, apparently, when this new release comes out it is going to have some amazing new features. More importantly, Windows 8 is going to give you the option of using your computer as a tablet and will have a very functional touch screen. There will also be the option to use the traditional keyboard and mouse. Of course, as of this writing, Windows 8 has not yet been released. The earliest release date we can find is sometime in 2012. And by then, it’s likely that Mac will come up with something to rival it.

When Mac OS X Lion, one of the new features is a security that will keep you protected if someone steals your laptop or notebook. iPhones have employed Remote Wipe for quite a while, but it is still new for regular computers. This will help you remotely erase your whole hard drive if your computer is lost or stolen. If you keep any sensitive or personal information on that computer, it will offer you some real peace of mind. You can only use this feature with Lion OS because Chrome Hearts Sunglasses it works through iCloud. So far, Windows based computers do not have anything that really compares to this. It’s obviously also a good idea to back up all of your data so that, in the event you need to perform a hard drive wipe, you won’t have to worry about losing any data that is truly important.

There is no real absolute answer as to whether Mac or Windows is a better OS. Both have fans, but each has its own set of advantages over the other. You are going to need to carefully consider the needs you have, your budget, etc and then figure out which OS is best for all of those.