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The importance of wearing an engraved medical bracelet if you have a medical condition is undeniable. It can even save your life in the event of an emergency. If you suffer allergies to certain medications or if you are a diabetic, it is very important that the doctors that treat you are aware of that information.

Nevertheless, how are you supposed to tell them about your condition if you are unconscious due youtube to an accident? Engraved medical bracelets are the answer to this predicament. The problem is that the spirit of these medical bracelets got lost in the midst of the moneymaking business.

The engraved medical bracelets industry took a shift. Their main purpose is not to protect the patient’s health anymore, but to make as much money as possible. These bracelets are getting more and more expensive and luxurious. They come in silver, gold and even white gold. It is obvious that you do not need such an expensive item to preserve your health.

So why should you pay huge amounts of money for something that should not be a luxury: your health. The prices of engraved medical bracelets range from fifty to one hundred dollars. You may think that this price is not so high, but let us not forget that we are talking about a simple bracelet, whose only purpose is to serve your medical needs. It is not supposed to be displayed as a piece of jewelry at a fashion parade.

Moreover, these new trend to design expensive and luxurious medical alert bracelets is not only affecting the patients financially but it is also affecting their safety. Engraved bracelets made out of silver, gold, or white gold are a target for thieves.

These bracelets do not go unnoticed. Anybody with the wrong intentions will be able to spot your luxurious bracelet. If something like this should happen, Chrome Hearts Shoes you would not be the typical victim of a robbery; you could potentially suffer medical consequences on top of it all. What if you get hurt during the robbery? What if you end up in the hospital? What if you don’t have your bracelet on when you need it most because the very bracelet was the object of the robbery? Consequences could be terrible, even fatal.

The industry of engraved medical bracelets should keep in mind their purpose, and design inexpensive bracelets that will not threat the integrity and safety of their users. They should privilege the patient’s health above the moneymaking business, because ultimately the reason why people would buy these bracelets is to preserve their health. And people should keep that in mind as well.