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Ancient Egypt was the civilization in the time of pharaohs which began around 3150 BC. At that time Egyptians excelled in a number of fields including mathematics, architecture and jewellery making. Egyptian jewellery is still considered as one of the most beautiful and prized possessions. Different crafting styles were adopted in the Predynastic Period and later on during Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom. The history of Egypt is diverse and very interesting. Predynastic Egyptian bracelets and beads are still made by modern artisans from Egypt and they are very much popular all over the world. Egyptian rings with symbols of the scarab and the ankh are also liked by a lot of people.

These lovely jewellery articles are mostly made of solid gold and Chrome Hearts Necklace sterling silver. The designs are complemented with a number of semi-precious gems, minerals and stones including feldspar, peridot, garnet and olivine. Colorful Egyptian rings with blue, red and turquoise colored scarabs are still worn as fashion accessories. Winged scarab pendants with lapis lazuli and turquoise are unique and beautiful. These items are also collected by antique jewellery lovers and artists across the globe. You can find lovely designs in this category including rope edge, silver scarab, silver ankh, lotus flower, and symbols of life, joy and happiness.

Egyptian jewellery is also composed of hieroglyphic rings. These are personalized rings on which Egyptian letters are engraved. If you want such a ring you can specify the letters in your local language which will be translated into Egyptian hieroglyphic by the artisans. These rings are made of gold and silver and are not very expensive. You can easily find these rings on any ancient jewellery site. In addition to these, personalized cartouche-style rings are also very popular and well-liked. Another attractive style is plain silver band with 18k yellow gold symbols. Egyptian cobra and the eye of Horus rings can also be found in this category.

Egyptian bracelets are equally beautiful and one-of-a-kind. These articles are also available in scarab designs and other symbols and signs. Royal lotus flower bracelets are colorful and attractive. Hundreds of websites are dedicated to providing unique and lovely ancient jewellery articles. You can find luck scarab bracelet, King Tuts bracelet, Egyptian gods and goddesses bracelet, and Egyptian puzzle bracelet in this category. They are all extremely exquisite and totally unique. They are also affordable and within reach. In addition to bracelets, one can also find Egyptian bangles for both men and women that look stylish and trendy.

Among ancient , rings and bracelets are popular and well-liked articles all over the world. These articles come in a number of designs and styles and wiki are made of pure 18k yellow gold and solid silver. Egyptian silver jewellery is displayed in exhibitions in many countries and is very much in fashion. You can also buy custom-made and personalized rings and bracelets with your name engraved on them in Egyptian symbolic language. Check out these beautiful articles to locate a lovely gift for your loved one.