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Jewellery has always been associated with women. Men wearing jewellery were considered indecent. And a few decades ago men also did not like this idea of men’s jewellery. They thought that jewellery is a women’s department and men will look weird with jewellery. But in this modern and fashionable world men do not want to stay behind the women in any department. The norm of wearing jewellery has been adopted by the modern man as they want to look trendy and stylish. More and more famous designers are making exotic designs of jewellery for the males using a variety of materials.

The widely used items of jewellery by men are the watches and cufflinks. Watches are the most practical items which serve the demand of modern fashion and are useful at the same time. With the high demand of men’s watches the companies making watches for men have earned huge profits by providing unique and graceful men’s watches. The commonly used metal to make trendy ornaments for men is the white metal. Platinum, titanium, white gold, sterling silver and stainless steel are commonly used metals. Watches are usually made up of stainless steel and range from very cheap to very expensive designer watches. Branded watches are usually preferred for the bridegroom as a wedding present.

Platinum is a very expensive metal and is used to make intricate designs of rings for men. Platinum makes a perfect combination with diamonds. Diamonds can be colorless but for men black diamonds are ideal. Platinum rings are trendy, elegant and practical. They give a very stylish, neat and modernistic look that is difficult to achieve with any other metal. They are known for their special allure because platinum is rare, enduring, and pure. Other metals like titanium are much cheaper than platinum and can be used to make rings and other men’s jewellery items. Gold rings or silver bands with diamonds can also be selected for engagement rings.

It is observed that young teenage boys are more attracted towards jewellery and yahoo love to wear new and funky items. Solid chains of silver are widely used by young boys. They also love to wear pendants with different classy designs like crisscross Chrome Hearts Charm pendant, skeleton shaped pendant and other artistic designs. Bracelets are also the preferred choice of many boys and men. Bracelets of silver are usually demanded and they like plain and solid bracelets.

Married men are also very much fond of jewellery. The reason of their likeness for men’s jewellery is that they want to follow the tradition of wearing rings and bands on engagements and weddings. Moreover they do not want to disappoint their beloved who brings gorgeous jewellery presents for them. Married men usually wear gold chains or solid silver chains with or without pendants. They may wear graceful and decent necklaces also, like a chain having their initials in it. Rings are also very common among married men. They love to wear their engagement rings as a token of their beloved’s love and affection. Moreover they like the practical jewellery items like watches and cufflinks. They also want to look stylish and fashionable so they go for the magnificent jewellery articles exclusively made for them.