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Ettika bracelets are a colorful and fun way to express your friendship through giving. All of this brand’s designs are meant to both express who you are and ensure you carry good vibes with you wherever you go. There’s a wide variety of different styles and designs on offer – let’s take a look at which ones would suit you and your group of friends best.


The charms attached to each of these bracelets represent the item’s energy and power. There are many different charms to choose from, such as the peace symbol or a wishbone for good luck. Gold hearts and gold feathers are other popular charms. A heart is a universal symbol of love, and excellent gift to give to your lifelong best friend.

Other charms include symbols such as an anchor or a key. You can choose which bracelets to give to your friend based on the qualities they already have or qualities you know they could benefit from developing. And there’s no reason to stop at just one charm. Stacking up multiple bracelets helps bring the influence of many charms Chrome Hearts Hoodie into your friend’s life.

Matching Bracelets

Is there one particular characteristic you and your best friend share? That’s exactly the kind of thing you can symbolism through buying matching bracelets. Not only does this further bond the two of you together in a unique way that no one else shares, it also reinforces that characteristic in both of you so you continue to grow in line with that energy.

Neon Cord Bracelets

Many of Ettika’s designs include a neon woven cord with various colors and several little charms, such as a peace symbol. These designs are colorful and fun, and they look more like the traditional homemade friendship bracelets than most other bracelets you might buy in a store.

There are also similar but more subtle colored bracelet designs, with one-color pastel bracelets and plaited rainbow colored bracelets. Most of these bracelets come with a single charm attached. They’re all about subtle and under-stated beauty that stands out purely because it isn’t “trying” to be more fancy than it really is.

Leather Cord Bracelets

Some of the more complicated-looking bracelets from Ettika are made with leather cords and multiple charms. For example, one bracelets combines the Fleur de Lis, the Om symbol, and a heart charm. The Fleur de Lis is representative of freedom – specifically the freedom to be yourself, which is what great friends offer each other.

The Om symbol helps to keep you grounded in who you are and not let the world distract you from what you know is your real purpose in life. And of course the heart symbol reminds you of the love that always surrounds you. When you give this to one of your friends, it will remind them of how you reinforce all these qualities in both your lives.

Crystal and Quartz Bracelets

Some of Ettika’s designs incorporate special stones which hold a particular energy. Amongst the most beautiful of these are the rhinestone bracelets which incorporate crystals. These hand-crafted bracelets are woven together with thread and dotted with crystals set in gold. Wearing these bracelets says all sorts of positive things about you and your friends as people, while also helping to create a positive and loving vibe around you at all times.

There are also bing quartz bracelets designs, although these are a little different from the crystal bracelets. The single quartz stone comes on a thin colored thread, which makes these bracelets appear like miniature necklaces. These bracelets are easily adjustable and ideal for giving to a friend when you’re not sure of the exact size of their wrists.