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Chrome Hearts Jackets are the same quality you would find in the regular unisex bracelets. These tend to be broader however and as such appear more macho. You could choose a regular sized bracelet however, in a color that suits a male more than it would suit a female. Most times you will see a guy in a black rubber bracelet and though many men tend to prefer plain bracelets there are those that like the idea of having a personalized bracelet.

If you are a Christian or a punk rocker you can wear a wrist band where the only difference would be the words or symbols engraved or printed in the rubber. These bracelets allow you to belong and at the same time sets you apart in the sense that they are all the rave these days and almost everyone is wearing them, once you purchase one you will be in the rubber bracelet circle but at the same youe your custom message will be msn different from everyone else. These Chrome Hearts Jackets provide a creative alternative to traditional jewelry. You can rest assured that you will be able to find bracelets other than the regular rubber you are used to seeing. You may find some with rubber mixed with other material so it serves more as a fashion statement. You can also purchase multiple bracelets and wear more than one at a time in contrasting colors for example black and red to enhance your wardrobe and sense of style.

The regular one size bracelets may not fit you if you are on the bigger side. No need to worry that you won be able to find one, as men rubber bracelets come in other sizes than the regular bracelets, you can find them in extra large and you can also request it to be a certain size at an Chrome Hearts Jackets additional cost. The latter provides a way to ensure that the bracelet you select will be the perfect fit for your hand. The easiest and quickest way to get your bracelet is to order it online, the process is quick and the bracelets usually ship with 24 hours.