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In the Star Trek Online Level Guide tells you what there is to be observed on the way to Lieutenant Commander, what missions you gain skill points in most of STO and as well as many other tips.

In Star Trek Online, there is much to discover, collect and do. The level of Buffed.de Guide to Star Trek Online will help you, therefore, in the most delightful way from the small ensign (Level 1) to Lieutenant Commander (Level 11) to rise. Since there are in Star Trek Online some mechanisms other than in other MMOs, the Guide deals with the rise of mechanics in the game and then in detail with the various content such as PvP and PvE.

The vastness of the galaxies, step by step – the level of lieutenant to lieutenant commander Guide

Almost everyone has found a new game problems to be justified. This level guide to help you, therefore, in the most delightful way from the small ensign (Level 1) to Lieutenant Commander (Level 11) to rise. In Star Trek Online, there are some mechanisms other than in other MMOs. This guide is therefore concerned with the rise of mechanics of the game and after every detail with the content.

First, is important to know that the game needed unity to the rise of “skill points” means and that the orders are divided into categories in the game. The recordable galaxy is divided into sector blocks, each of which include contracts for a five-stage character (Lieutenant stage 1-5 as an example) and also divided into up to four subsectors are. The Sirius-sector block is designed, for example, the degree of difficulty of the steps one to five, while the interest on the map to the right Regulus sector block the steps six to ten cover with missions. Each block then contains three or four sub-systems with multiple planets that you visit one by one.

As a team, and the rise of mechanical

In Star Trek Online You can read the orders in a group or solo pass. Exceptions scenarios and Secure tasks, but more on that later. Are you in a group move, then adjust level of difficulty and number of opponents on your group size. Your curves alone through space, you have to expect according to simple or numerically smaller opponent numbers. An example: in a larger group you can expect up to nine opponents enemies per wave, and also control several attackers major battle-ships, or elitist fighters. The Lancel Porte Monnaie Vente victory over this apparent superiority but then takes more time, but you gain but also better loot. But be warned! Because even if your party members at the other end of the galaxy are located, adjusts the difficulty of the opponents continue on to your group size, even if you are traveling alone sac lancel and you are just to chat in a group.

For completed missions and your opponent will get different kinds of rewards, including in the form of points. However, only the amount of skill points received about the speed of your ascent. There are in-game PvP and PvE content, which beckon you to reward skill points. The crowd, however, not always fit in the required time and the wind chill at game experience. Therefore, we declare to you the differences in the following even more closely.

The history of Star Trek Online connects to the year 2409th To understand and comprehend the characteristics of this time and can, imagine Cryptic enough jobs available, the usher you into the Star Trek universe. These missions take naturally to the atmosphere, offer the greatest variety and should be read carefully. They include always include several sections, the ground-and space contracts. You can usually finish faster than the patrol orders and reward you with relatively more skill points, and often with more valuable items. In this Guide is to this type of contracts entered into in more detail later, since these emissions do not bring enough skill points to move up to lieutenant commander. Nevertheless, each captain’s adventures have experienced. It is therefore necessary to focus on at least one of the following order alternatives.