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Our clothes down to the shoes we wear define our personal outlook on fashion. Girls most especially, compared to men are more conscious on how they look on what they were. This has made their closet jump packed with Chrome Hearts Hoodie different tools and paraphernalia that only they would know Chrome Hearts Sunglasses how to pair to give them a perfect look of fashion. However, being Chrome Hearts Online fashionable they must know the rules that govern on wearing the animal Chrome Hearts Sunglasses print boots. Apply the following rules and you will not go wrong on your fashion journey.

Top five rules on wearing animal Chrome Hearts Online Store print boots.

Rule # 1

Less is more. Don’t overdo your outfit by wearing head to toe animal prints. You will look like you are going to a costume party than having a fashion show. Just a pair of animal printed boots will do like the leopard print boots which is predominantly popular among the animal prints.

Rule # 2

In order to show Chrome Hearts Clothing off your wild fashion sense while maintaining the sophisticated look, wear only simple tops like plain black mini dress or jump suits to have your animal printed boots be emphasized. You can also wear white shirts, black leggings and grace it with your animal print boots.

Rule # 3

The trendiest way to wear your animal printed boots is to have it over your black skinny jeans or black leggings. In this way, you will not only look sexy you have carried it well to show your wilder side. Ankle length boots with leopard prints are Chrome Hearts Online Shop also on its trend nowadays, try to pair it over your plain skinny and Chrome Hearts Jewelry have a fashionable look that does not Chrome Hearts Online Store look like a heavy flashy.

Rule # 4

No other printed accessories. This is the most common mistake women have ever done in fashion. They tend to wear mismatching prints all over the body thinking that they would go trendy if there have identical prints on their outfit. Well, we have to correct it. This degrades your fashion, more animal prints will cause you to look trashy than flashy.

Rule # 5

Plain colored tops. Chrome Hearts Outlet Animal print boots such as the leopard print boots work as a neutral for your plain colored tops. With the animal prints, you can wear and match this up with almost any colors like purple, brown, black, emerald green, turquoise, red and teal.